Voices of Debt – The Student Loan Crisis: Don’t Major in Debt

Voices of Debt - The Student Loan Crisis: Don't Major in Debt

The cost of college is skyrocketing. Student debt has exceeded One Billion Dollars. Student have borrowed more to pay for their college eduction than they ca…
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25 Responses to “Voices of Debt – The Student Loan Crisis: Don’t Major in Debt”

  1. Honestly anyone graduating from high school, young students should
    contemplate about taking a year off, or 2. Remember life is not a race,
    work a couple of years, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing odd jobs, life
    will be much more clearer when you dont have to worry about being in debt
    and this gap will also help you to explore your passions. If you really are
    passionate about something, honestly college or no college, you will find a
    great job. If you are going to college so that you can have fun, then I’m
    afraid that’s going to end up as a bad vacation.

  2. best advice ever: DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE. I love how they start this
    ‘documentary’ with negative consequences of going to school and having debt
    but then out of nowhere they switch…. all the sudden they end with this
    amazing positivity and saying dont major in debt!!! oh how great!!! Well
    the reason you are in debt is because you went to college. Trust me you
    will not find a job according to your degree unless you have great
    connections, or mom & dad who will take care of these issues otherwise
    forget it.. this is all a huge lie, brainwash.
    My advice – you do not need college, if you want to learn something do your
    own research, find your passion. College will not solve any of your
    problems and it will not give a propose/meaning to your life and it will
    not help you find you anything… it will ONLY make you to a SLAVE that will
    be paying off that debt for 25years. This is modern day slavery. Even if
    you are going your first semester of 4th year of your Bachelors, it is
    still not too late to drop out and safe that last semester $… drop out if
    you still can. 

  3. I honestly don’t care if someone is 100,000+ dollars in debt with student
    loans. Welcome to the real world, a loan is a loan whether you like it or
    not, no one signed the dotted line for you.You should have thought about
    your capability of paying the debt off before you agreed to it. I rofl when
    people want to get their student loans discharged like the money came out
    of thin air, no it came from somewhere people even if it came from the
    govt/or sallie mae…think. And tons of people who are succesful(make bank)
    in there career fields went to two year schools, than transferred to
    university and saved a lot of money. So next time you want to go to Ole
    miss out of state just to party your ass off during football season think.

  4. This is a stupid commercial. They’re talking about how they’re in so much
    debt and then they say if they could go back in time they wouldn’t change
    what they did.

  5. CaliforniaArchitect Reply September 25, 2014 at 2:15 am

    One of the students says that without college he wouldn’t have been exposed
    to different books and cultures. Really? We have the internet now. You can
    gain access to many books from the library for free or from ebay cheap.
    With the cost of NYU, you can travel around the world multiple times.

  6. Time to live a life of crime. Who wants to join me? 

  7. College debt is funny…. Why? Because you allowed corporations to fuck you
    over into getting financially branded. Oh how human beings are fucking

  8. It’s called community college. Literally splits your debt in half. 

  9. this was really helpful

  10. Of course don’t get into debt,many new students entering college today end
    up getting jobs that don’t even require a degree!!
    Well…I say NO to debt… learn how to put more money back into your
    pocket today and say NO to debt..put money back into your own pocket
    Forget about the past the decisions thslat you make today effect your
    future. Click the link to find out the steps to say NO to debt

  11. What you have to understand is that college is part of a system of
    enslavement. By trapping students in debt, corporations and the fed can
    force you to work into your 70s for extremely little return because a good
    portion of your check is going back to the fed and those same corporations.
    It’s really all about control: By keeping people in debt, the system can
    retain greater levels of control because they now have something you want
    — your financial freedom.

    Only about 25% of college students will actually graduate and get a job in
    their field. Of those 25%, 70% will be, on average, 30,000 dollars in debt
    (which doubles within 20 years). These are documented statistics. Don’t
    believe what college administrators tell you; they are only interested in
    getting you enrolled at any cost so they can profit.

    Make no mistake. Once you sign those papers, you seal your fate as Sallie’s
    little bitch. 

  12. Invest in an RV and a Meth Cookbook. There’s the solution.

  13. Go overseas! 

  14. “I read books I wouldn’t have been exposed to”… probably the most
    ridiculous justification I’ve ever heard for going to college.

  15. Why the switch at the end when all of these idiots who majored in useless
    degrees are saying…”Hey, I’m in massive amounts of debt but I wouldn’t
    trade it for anything.”

    That’s some serious knuckle dragging idiocy there.

  16. I love the idea of one bettering her/himself academically; a mind is a
    terrible thing to waste I get that…HOWEVER I do not agree with how
    colleges are ran here. In my opinion college should not be free because
    people generally take things more seriously when they are the ones fitting
    the bill for something. I do not agree with how much colleges get away with
    charging. That should be illegal (my opinion of course).

    Obviously something needs to be done: What do you guys think?

  17. 10:38

    “I am majoring in art history and Italian and I don’t want to major in debt”

    So much irony LOL

  18. Yea…lets join the military so we can get shot.

  19. Getting into student loan debt was the worst mistake I ever made.

  20. Freeee in my country

  21. They could have stopped this at 8:22.

  22. Most of these people took out student loans to study worthless majors.
    German ? Really ? You could’ve downloaded Rosetta Stone or used Duolingo. 

  23. This is a huge problem with the States right now, we are experiencing an
    huge increase in the rate of “academic inflation.” Colleges and University
    are big business now. They have always been expensive but now the
    financial reward you may receive (keyword being MAY) is not always as worth
    the price of the degree. 

  24. You major is in the BANKS CORPORATIONS & WARS . DON’T GO TO COLLEGE . I
    repeat don’t go to college ! Go to people . Each one teach (ONE)! &
    LOVEHARD! Ps. ♡MAJOR IN PEOPLE ♥. minor in $FRAUD$.

  25. My mom better not get her hopes up I’m going back home to live with her
    after I graduate. I won’t leave until I pay everything off.