Will I be chased for debt if I move out of the UK?

I am an International Student studying in the UK. I took some loans for about £3000 from a bank while I was studying here.

Since the government has abandoned PSW visa for graduates it’s likely that I will move out of the UK in few weeks. I have hardly worked and cannot work due to my visa status.

Now since I cannot work in this country I cannot pay off my debt. Additionally my visa is expiring. If I move out of this country I am certain that I will not be earning enough to pay such high credit.

Could I be chased and put into jail in my own country for not paying off my debt?


2 Responses to “Will I be chased for debt if I move out of the UK?”

  1. It depends. It could prevent you from getting work in the future, as many companies run credit checks in all countries you have lived.

    Increasingly within the European union, debt is chased across countries. It could also prevent you ever getting a UK visa again.

  2. There is no reason that moving out of the country would release you from your debts. So yes you will be chased for it. Most likely through collectors who will hassle you day and night through phone and mail harassment.

    Pay your debt and you don’t need to worry about this potential situation. When you
    take on a debt it is with an understanding that you will do whatever you can to pay it back. So do the right thing and pay it back through whatever means necessary.

    Also take into account the impact on your credit