Short term savings

I want to save about €1500 ($2000) in 5-7 months and then take out the money and buy something specific. There is a pretty low probability that I should need some of it during the first 4 months, but after that, I’ll need it available within 2 weeks of asking for them. What are my options?

I’m a student working part-time, have no debt and live in Czech republic. I also wonder if the savings account (or anything else) should be in Czech crowns or in euro (in Slovakia, where I come from), since I get money in both of them (about 40% in €) and there is a higher probability that I will make my purchase in euro.


One Response to “Short term savings”

  1. For such a short timeframe, I’d have it in the currency (euros) you need, and in a savings account. The 5 months is not a time to ‘invest’ this money. Even 2-4 years would suggest just a CD or short term Government bond.