Raising My Credit Score as a Student

I’m still a student, and I:

1) Have been lucky enough to get a scholarship through my schooling and do not have student loans.

2) I currently live in a city without the need for a car (and actually, having one would be inconvenient for me personally, since parking is hard).

3) Do have a couple credit cards, with long history and (I think high) maximums. I don’t need any more credit cards.

My credit score is steady ~765, but it has been there for a long time. Is there anything I can do to raise it without taking on unnecessary loans to pay them off?


One Response to “Raising My Credit Score as a Student”

  1. Websearch says the numbers can be translated as:

    630-689: Average (probably too much "bad" debt).
    690-719: Good credit (little trouble getting loans, generally better rates)
    720-850: Excellent

    You have Absolutely Nothing to worry about. Really.