Do companies offer student loan repayment assistance?

Does anyone know which companies offer some type of student loan repayment assistance programs? I’m going to be helping Congress look at a new bill being proposed to make student loan repayment a tax deductible expense and we need to speak with a couple companies that have already made this type of program a part of their core employee benefits.


One Response to “Do companies offer student loan repayment assistance?”

  1. Existing debt? Assistance repaying that is usually called “your paycheck. “

    Larger companies do often have programs which will help pay for additional degrees/classes which will improve your value to the company. My own employer has several, from reimbursement after getting a good grade to full scholarship with time off; obviously, the more generous the program, the harder it is to qualify for.

    Ask your HR department, or if you’re interviewing ask what educational benefits the company offers during the interview. (Many companies will be happy to hear you ask that question, by the way.)