Paying back money back “owed” on student loans?..”Govt.”?

Question by private: Paying back money back “owed” on student loans?..”Govt.”?
There are many out there that are struggling to pay back the
student loans. This is not for “you.”
There are many people out there who have gotten student
loans. Have become very “successfull.” an have large homes
and businesses.
Yet, you have not “attempted” to pay this loan back, or do you
“intend” to.
I think it is time for the “Federal Government” to step in and
“take back” what is owed “us.”
When you don’t pay your loan back, It just costs more for the
next student applying for a loan, who will be struggling to pay
it back for the next person to get a loan.
It is not ironic, that a “fool,” with borrowed money, both can
“RUN AWAY” together.
I hope since the Federal government, who is monitoring the
websites, picks up on this “message” or some Official with
“clout” takes a stand, to get the money back, Please? <}:-}) Best answer:

Answer by Tiare
IDK what you are talking about. the govt is pretty darn good at getting the money back from student loans. if someone is very successful and has a business, they are paying taxes and the govt will get their money

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One Response to “Paying back money back “owed” on student loans?..”Govt.”?”

  1. I would say only a very small portion of student loan borrowers default on loans, otherwise the programs would not be available. I would argue that the tuition costs, set by the school are ridiculous, causing more money to be borrowed and more origination fees paid. Especially when today’s bachelor’s degree is like a high school diploma was 20 years ago. It is scary that a college graduate has so much debt, in many cases $ 45k+, before they get their first job.