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Half Of Federal Student Loan Borrowers Not Paying On Time
Now, policymakers outside the Education Department, legislators and analysts are able to determine whether more borrowers are falling behind on their federal student loans, for example, or whether specific loan servicers are enrolling enough borrowers …
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How Can I Settle My Federal Student Loan for Less?
I owe about $ 55K in student loan debt. I am interested in doing a lump sum pay off at a discounted rate. When I spoke to my lender, Total Higher Education/Great Lakes, they said this was impossible since the loan was through the government. After …
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Student Loan and Mortgage Loan Debt: A Public Health Crisis?
A recent Gallup survey of more than 11,000 college graduates finds that graduates with a substantial amount (i.e., more than $ 50,000) of student loan debt are worse off emotionally and physically than other college graduates. These survey results are …
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Have questions about student loans? Join our live chat Aug. 26: Plain Dealing
If you're heading off to college – or struggling to pay the debts that came with your diploma – mark the consumer live chat on your calendar. We've got a panel of experts lined up to answer your questions from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 26, on …
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