How to use the letters on A explanation on how you use the letters.

A rcoones video. Johh Witterick explains how Banks manufacture money out of thin air but yet charge you interest you have to work hard for to pay off. Fracti…
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  1. Thank you for all this useful information

  2. Very well explained ceylon,,,peace m8.

  3. I’ve tried to sign up to the forum but it always says the security thing is
    wrong can anyone help

  4. Hi, Would this work with HMRC? or would you sent these letters out to
    anybody you were writing? thanks :)

  5. This does not work with them they make the laws for their agenda which is
    making debt as profit !

  6. TheDictatorRisesUp Reply January 21, 2014 at 11:41 pm

    nice….thanks Ceylon :)

  7. it has been used for them read up in the forum for the results

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  9. Is this one of the main reasons that no youngster that I know of have never
    been taught anything regarding banking or credit cards, yet this is a big
    part of our lives 

  10. Great vid. Glad more people are realising… only a few years and we shud
    see the change needed

  11. I agree with a lot of the comments below, I personally believe they should
    teach debt control or money management in schools. I was inspired to write
    a book in regards to debt. 

  12. What a great talk! Lose the fear people and listen to the heart.
    Be well All

  13. zero’s and ones.–the world of finance. . work and product.–the world in
    which we live. . Yet we are the ones living in a fictitious world. We work
    construction, food service, or assembly; professions in which the lowest
    wages are given, and the least value placed. We are thru the looking glass
    Alice. If we are Warren Buffet making millions off of the manipulation of 1
    and 0’s, we are eminently respected. What we have is a crisis of misplaced
    valuation & we are complicit in it’s creation.

  14. Financial education is needed for everyone of us. Also having a discipline
    and not to be tempted using our credit cards to buy stuff that we do not
    need and do not have money to pay back in the future is important. I only
    have one credit card, but I only use it for merchants where they require
    credit card, such as car rentals.

  15. Slave2PaperWithInkOn Reply January 22, 2014 at 6:21 am

    NOPE. 97% of ‘our’ – ‘money’ IS CREATED by the STREET CORNER bank (not
    BoE/Fed etc) Martin Wolf of THE Financial Times said – “The essence of the
    contemporary monetary SYSTEM is the creation of money out of Nothing by
    Private Banks often foolish lending.” Physical paper+coin makes up only
    3ish % of today’s “money.”. PEACE

  16. am the one thats hungry and notice how expensive items are..

  17. Any of your lectures in the Birmingham area, dated 23-09-2013

  18. if you give in to anger expecially in the court room they can classify you
    as being mentally unstable giving them the right to lock you in an insane
    asylum and take your kids away. be respectful be honorable be smart be
    understanding be love

  19. I actually downloaded this book costing me nothing, have it now on my

  20. I love you John! Your doing great thing <3

  21. Patricia McCormick Reply January 22, 2014 at 10:18 am

    Excellent presentation Mr. Witterick.

  22. thanks for this upload… i read her book too .. i am waiting for them to
    start giving the youth this book in schools .. haha… underground
    information sharing .. light the fire .. share the truths.. tell your
    friends .. love the awakening xx

  23. Check out Modern Money Theory(MMT). It will set you straight. It is even
    more bizarre then you thought, but also simpler to fix. Just remember,
    governments are issuers of currency/money(except European countries, they
    gave that power away, thus the problems that they have) not users of
    currency like all of us. Also the FED is a government institution, if you
    have evidence of it being private, pls share it.

  24. Watch ‘Dispatches U.K.Undercover debt collector-The TRUTH’.Also on Youtube
    for proof about the debt collectors.