Getting Out of Debt in One Year – Going on a Money Fast

Just sharing our dream of and plans to get out of 000 of debt in one year. This is going to be one exciting ride! To read the awesome books that gave us …
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  2. How has your plan worked out for you two to get out of debt fast? I
    recently came across a class on YouTube and wish I had seen it much earlier
    in my life. It has helped many in paying off mortgages or even student loan
    debt using techniques I have never seen before. I share it now in hopes
    others may find the some value as I have from it. Cast a spell to rid the
    world of financial stress!

  3. i know it is kind of late but hope you made it. I am going through the same
    thing right now. It is amazing what you can do without when you put your
    mind to it.

  4. I’ll have to try this sometime.

  5. A wonderful book is “Your money or your life” by Joe Dominguez, and Vicky
    Robin, it changed my view of money/time.

  6. Good luck girl, i feel the same way about saving, it seems like a fun and
    inspiring project, and the environment and your family will thank and love
    you for it. :) Best of luck to you.

  7. I can’t find any updated videos of how it went. How did it go? 

  8. I really like your view on the time is money phrase; first time I’ve heard
    it put that way and it resonates with my wife and I quite well! We haven’t
    gone of a fiscal fast before but do cut our lifestyle pretty dramatically
    so we can achieve some of the things you speak about. We do, however,
    avoid trips to the grocery store until we’re pretty near bare. Found that
    the more we can stay out of Walmart the better – hard to get out that place
    for less than $70, even if you went in for some laundry detergent :)

    You’ve clearly discovered what’s important in life. Nice to see like
    minded people; we’ve recently worked to pay off $200k in debt and are so
    excited about our results that we’ve started sharing what we’ve learned on
    YouTube as well. I’m going to share this link on reddit – I think others
    can appreciate the time/money and fiscal fast concepts you discussed.
    Thanks :)

  9. List all your debts smallest to largest and pay off the smallest ones in
    full – first. Then pay off the next highest in order. Then once out of debt
    never use debt again. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Put the
    economy-manipulating bankers out of business. Boycott the bankers.

  10. keep on truckin’. i am going through the same process and baby step makes a

  11. So what happened?

  12. hi!! First, thank you very much for your videos, they are so interesting!!
    I live in france, and listenned your advices to save money… We have to
    save 20,000€ in ne year and you give me motivation!!! Have you achieved
    your goal?? we have to save 1600€ a month whereas we earn 2800€…I m not
    sure we can do it…

  13. Sounded interesting – but I am wondering how it turned out in the end.

  14. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me! Thank you!!!

  15. Hey – listening to you whole video, I’d love to talk with you more about
    your situation — just email me

  16. I affirm your paying off $5833.33 a month for 12 months!

  17. it makes TOTAL SENSE TO ME.

  18. No update, so you failed?

  19. Going down a similar path…. the groceries especially. For about 2 months
    i’ve been able to spend about 23-25 $ a week … not sure how i’m doing it,
    but it’s just the money that goes into the food category. Hopefully it
    won’t be that way for much longer

  20. I really heard your message where you talked about breaking down the time
    you spend at work by how much you make. My husband and I are trying to get
    to a place financially so that working a 9-5 is optional for me. I feel
    like through the process of closely examining our finances I’ve realized
    that I want to be more mindful of where my money goes. I spend 40 hours a
    week at a job that makes me crazy…I don’t want to spend that hard earned
    money in vain. Great video!

  21. These books make excellent graduation gifts. I think that you are on a
    great path! Oh, one of the books that helped me back in the day was Your
    Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Domiguez.. It talks about exactly
    what you are talking about–$12 for a movie (better be good because that’s
    2 hrs of your life you will never get back, plus the time you put in to
    earn the $12 to being with!) love the whole Values to Value comparison!

  22. Hey – Good for you, glad to help. Now, go the extra mile, and try giving up
    you cell phones, too! – Stay Cheap! – Jeff Yeager

  23. Good for you!! I’ve been living this way for the last few years because I
    also value time more than money. My partner and I have the same basic
    philosophy, we grow our own food, make everything from scratch when
    possible, shop at thrift stores. We also use Netflix and the Library
    instead of buying books and discs. It makes a huge difference financially.
    I now stay home aside from 3 half days of work a week, to work on my Etsy
    shop. Keep climbing! May your goal be reached soon! All the best!

  24. I am loving these videos. I’m starting with over 12,000 in debt this year.
    I’m trying my best to get 1/2 of that cut down by the end of the year. To
    get 100% out of debt, with my paycheck, is unrealistic. But, keep doing
    these videos. It’s helpful to me and others!

  25. Love this video! We’ve been doing the same. We had $40,000 in debt and as
    of today we have $10,000. Hoping and trying are hardest to pay this off in
    one year. This Christimas is going to be very small and we are not giving
    gifts this year. It’s so hard but we have to do it! THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO!