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Church wants to get out of debt

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This church put together a campaign called "15 for 30". They are asking its members to give an extra a week for 30 weeks and they believe they will be able to pay off one of their many loans.

As you might see, they are way behind the power curve thus far. God bless on their journey even though!

The question that lingers is if they should have taken the loan in the first place. If God didn’t provide the money then and, as it indicates right now, God is not providing the money now, should the church have gone into this loan? If God does not provide the resources to get a specific job done, does that imply He didn’t want the work completed?

I wish them much blessings as they try to become debt free. But let’s use this struggle they are in as a learning point for future Church decisions. Does it take more faith to build something with debt and hope God provides the money later when the bank wants their money back with interest? Or does it take more faith to wait for the money to accomplish a goal when Church members want something their way right now?

Getting out of debt

Image by edmittance
… the consumer’s guide

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Out of Debt

Image by Neven Mrgan
Chapter 1: Don’t Buy This Crap

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