College Select Offers White Label Solution

Greenville, South Carolina (PRWEB) May 17, 2014

Just six weeks after announcing the official release of their proprietary College Match Technology, College Select offers a full range of white label solutions for organizations of all sizes.

CEO, Dominick Ferraro stated, “We have white labeled our College Match Technology and Management System to enhance productivity and services without organizations having to invest in additional resources including; labor, technology and infrastructure.”

“I am consistently reading how politicians are budgeting millions of dollars toward internet bandwidth for high schools and teachers’ salaries for Virtual School Programs. I am extremely supportive of anyone that has aspirations to successfully implement goals in the education market. However, an even bigger problem is the transition from high school into college. This seems like it’s never a part of an action plan!”

“One of the main obstacles that keeps American students from a college education emerges long before they reach college. Students are simply arriving in college without the necessary preparation which leads to the procrastination of the planning process. Students are struggling under the potential burden of loans to even consider going into debt. Therefore, they choose not to enroll or drop out of college. As an example of the severity of this problem, only 31% of Americans have received a Bachelor’s degree!”

Benefits of the white label solution:

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