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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 02, 2014, a blog that is devoted to providing its followers with financial advice, recently announced its launch. The website aims to help readers live more frugally, save money, manage their finances, and get out of debt.

The creators of Beat Debt understand that debt is a growing problem in the United States, especially because many people take on debt to help their families get through tough financial periods. For many people, debt means that families can buy a house and car, send their children to college, and have the tools necessary for survival. In 2011, reported that almost 70 percent of U.S. households held some form of debtplus the median household debt was estimated to be around $ 70,000.

To help readers learn how to manage their debt, Beat Debt publishes useful articles that can help them learn moneymaking and money management skills. The articles are divided into categories for easy browsing, such as saving, selling, debt, and frugal living. Some of the websites most popular articles include How to Make Your Credit Score Better in 10 Easy Steps, Managing Finances in a Marriage, and 10 Smart Ways to Build an Emergency Fund.

For example, one of Beat Debts featured articles, 101 Ways to Be Frugal and Stay Out of Debt, teaches readers a number of ways to keep away from the grasp of debt. Even though it can be hard to save when a person spends more than they earn, Beat Debt promises that there are ways to curb unhealthy spending habits. In the article, the website recommends using a list when grocery shopping to avoid impulse buys and unneeded items, cutting back on convenient foods, and carpooling to work in order to share fuel costs.

Financial hardship causes huge amounts of stress on people and families, noted an article available on Beat Debts website. It tears families and relationships apart. It leads to divorces. It leads to health problems and even to suicide. If this little blog can at least help one person in some way then it is doing its job. However, we hope to help many more than that.

Individuals interested in learning more about Beat Debt and its tips for getting out of debt can visit the financial resources website for additional information. Any questions, comments, and concerns about Beat Debts content can be forwarded to the websites official email.

About Beat Debt:

Beat Debt is a blog dedicated to helping people manage and take control of their finances. The website offers tips, tricks, and guides on how to live a more frugal lifestyle, manage your finances, save money, get out of debt, and stay out of itall while enjoying life and having fun. Beat Debt believes that being frugal does not mean that a person has to live a boring lifestyle. For more information, please visit

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