Avoiding Debt At All Costs (CBS News)

Mary Hunt shopped until she dropped, accumulating over 0000 in debt. Now, Hunt is teaching shoppers ways to avoid falling into financial traps. Richard S…
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41 Responses to “Avoiding Debt At All Costs (CBS News)”

  1. Wow. That’s slavery

  2. I wonder how much her family suffered because of her shopping addiction.
    Honestly, if I was that much in debt, I would have filed for bankruptcy! It
    would have saved her family about 80%, and their credit would better afer
    just 7 years. But yeah, I don’t see a reason why she couldn’t have been
    working all those years!

  3. 12 years to pile up $100.000 and 13 years to pay off. Gush! You mean you
    spent 25 years- a quarter of a century in debt. You must have been on crack

  4. We’re not being told everything.

  5. So im ignorant for not having read THAT particular study… oh dear. More
    womens logic. I think youll find that ME stating that compulsive shopping
    is a phenomenon associated with women isnt very radical. In much the same
    way that I can safely assume car mechanics tend to be male. Im a very well
    informed person. If I were to spend even more time researching pet projects
    and hobby related stuff, Id become a nerd. And we wouldnt want that now
    would we.

  6. Like, bankruptcy would be more practical and cost-effective in such a
    situation. If the debt will take more than eight years to pay off,
    bankruptcy would cost less in the long run. Here, the debt took thirteen
    years to pay off. Bankruptcy would facilitate debt discharge within one
    year, and would drop off of credit reports in ten years. You go bankruptcy,

  7. Haha.. enough of this crap.

  8. That is a big misconception. Men have shopping addictions too. They just
    buy different things… cars, every tool known to man, the latest biggest
    flat screen to watch the sports game.

  9. On the other hand, debt is a powerful tool, especially in an environment of
    inflation. I’m $1 million in debt but I’m very much well off, thank you
    very much.

  10. She should be comended for paying her debt. Bankruptcy is nothing but
    legalized theft.

  11. Ooh someone is lashing out in anger. I can litterally hear the handbag
    whoshing through the air. If you want to discuss enhnicity vs IQ, I happen
    to know some things about it as Ive recently written a big piece on the
    matter and had to do some research for it. I belong to the northern
    European group which is the grouping with the second highest average IQ.
    The central asian one being the highest with on average 6% higher IQ than
    Europeans. Not that I see how its relevant here.

  12. wonder why its ONLY women that totally lose it with shopping. I think its
    because for alot of women self worth, confidence comes from material
    things. Like.. a woman feels great if she wears an expensive necklace.. and
    less great if shes told its really a worthless copy. They love expensive
    stuff as if its worth wears off to the user. Its got nothing to do with
    looking great. Its about feeling special. Fucked up sense of values if you
    ask me.

  13. When a man spends 100 000 on a boat, the family owns a boat. Which is an
    asset much like a home. And like a home it can be an investment if
    maintained fixed perhaps sold later for your money back or a profit. What
    you gain from a 600dollar shoe is a selfish indulgence that does nothing to
    improve yours or anyone elses life other than the thrill of buying it then
    and there. Mindless, compulsive shopping is an addiction and cant simply be
    compared to a family investment.

  14. Wow… there is a great english expression. -Woman logic- It applies here.
    Say forexample that women are bad at reading maps (which is another known
    fact) and you will instantly be told that she has a girlfriend that saved
    the day once by reading a map. While there certainly are females out there
    that can read maps and there certainly are men out there that are able to
    lose money, I wasnt talking about YOUR friend was I. I was talking in
    general terms and the logic behind it is rock solid.

  15. misconception my arse.. a big TV isnt an impulse buy… as men we read up
    on it for half a year before getting it. same goes for cars. It fades in
    comparison to 600 haircare / skincare producs that all do the same.
    Nevermind the clothes and the rest.

  16. The money changers – our American Government – the first in counterfeiting
    money and the ones still doing so.

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