Student Loan Money

Student loans are very common. Majority of graduates seek student loan money for financing their education. The similarity between a student loan and other loans is that they need to be repaid with interest.

About two-third of students of 4-year graduation programs take out student loans. According to estimates, the average loan applied for by graduates, ranges from $20,000 to $23,000. According to statistics about $100 billion is designated as federal education loans and $10 billion designated as private student loans. The loans are paid through the financial aid office of colleges. And the US Department of Education also provides funds for the loans.

The maximum rate, interests, and fees for lenders are set by federal law. The lenders can charge as low fee as they wish. Many lenders offer different types of loan discounts to attract more applicants for these student money loans.
Applying for student loans

It is important to know the process of applying for a student loan. It takes time and you must follow a procedure to put yourself in the best possible position to receive a loan. Before you apply for a loan, make sure you have done everything that’s necessary to qualify.

1. The first step in this process is to fill out the application form for Federal Student Aid, (FAFSA). This form can be completed on paper and mailed. It can also be completed online at the FAFSA website. The best time to apply for a student loan is in the spring. It is best to apply for a loan, before you enroll in the fall semester.

2. Get your Personal Identification Number (pin). You will be able to use your pin to access information online at the website of the US Department of Education. Your pin can also be used as a signature when completing the FAFSA form online.

3. Be prepared to answer questions about your finances. It’s a good idea to have this information available, which includes the amount of your taxes. If you live with your parents or receive financial assistance from them, you will be required to provide the source of their income. You will also be asked if you have any dependents.

4. If you have any difficulty or you need help to complete the FAFSA form, you can contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center. There are websites you can search to help you navigate through this process to make it easier for you.

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