Are student loans “investment debt”?

Question by : Are student loans “investment debt”?
I’m filling out grad school apps and they’re asking for all kinds of financial information. I think it’s a bit odd for a school to not have a blank to put in the student loan debt. Would it fall under “investment debt”? If not, where do I put that figure? Here is the form below:

“2009 Adjusted gross income:
Expected 2010 adjusted gross income:
2009 income earned from work:
Cash, savings and checking accounts:
Other untaxed income and benefits:
Investment Value (stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, etc.):
Investment Debt:
Business Value:
Business Debt:
Farm Value:
Farm Debt:
Real Estate Value (not primary home):
Real Estate Debt (not primary home):”

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Answer by Susie T
If these are the only categories, put it under Business Debt, then asterisk it or put a line through Business and write in Student Loans. It DOES seem odd.

Investment debt is money you borrowed to make investments, so that wouldn’t be it. It’s not R/Est or Farm debt, so Business Debt is the best.

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